Dakota Territorials

On this page you will see some very nice examples of Dakota Territorial Postal History of both North and South Dakota. Just click on any of the names to see the cover.

Amenia Cass County Dakota Sep. 10, 1884 with a Fancy Star Killer

Cheyenne and Blackhills Stage Co's Express  with a Deadwood Dak. postmark

Comba Dak. Dec. 3, 1883 Nice Semi-Fancy Cancel. This is the early name for Medora.

Creel City Ramsey County Dakota Jan. 10, 1884 with Fancy Wheel of Fortune Killer

Custer Dakota Apr. 30, 1877 Manuscript Cancel

Fargo D.T. A. J. Harwood Real Estate Back of Cover

Fargo Dak. Jan 15, 1885 Illustrated Gun Cover to Canada

Fort Abercrombie Dakota Territory Oct. 16, 1858 - Earliest Known

Fort Abercrombie Manuscript Cancel Apr. 12, 1861

Fort Abraham Lincoln Dak. Octagonal Postmark Jan. 28, 1888

Fort Buford D.T. - Steamer Redcloud - Baker Line May 7, 1878

Fort Rice Dak. - Steamer Waverly Mo Packet May 5, 1867

Fort Stevenson D.T. Manuscript Cancel June 19, 1875

Fort Totten Dakota Mar. 30, 1883 with a Fancy Star Killer

Lisbon Ransom Co. N.D.T. Jul. 8, 1880

Omio Dak. Jun. 18, 1886 Straight Line Cancel

Oriska Dak. W.B. Wilcox Dec. 8, 1886 Northern Pacific Express Cover

Pembina Nov.15,1856 Stampless while part of Minnesota Territory

Sidney Short Route Type 1 Front of Cover

Sidney Short Route Type 6 Back of Cover

Sioux Falls City D.T. May 4, 1860

Standing Rock D.T. Apr. 2, 1879 Fancy Cancel with Star Killer

Williamsport D.T. Straight Line Cancel with Manuscript Date Apr. 22, 1884

Yanckton Dak'a Oct. 08, 1869 with a 15 cent 1869 Issue

Yancton D.T. Aug. 14, 1860 manuscript cancel on cover

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